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FUCK the NWO - New World Order - Narcopath World Order - Narczi World Order - Nazi World Order - Blue World Order - Jew World Order - The First Order First Order: "You can go fuck your orders"
― Major Harry Smith [Travis Fimmel] in
Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (2019)

"Narcissist: Gaslighting - Living in an Unreal and Altered World🌹"
― by Helen Saddler Destiny Helper

Narcissist: Gaslighting - Living in an Unreal and Altered World

Taking Full Responsibility for Your Actions

"The fact is, those who kill humans, no matter for what excuse, are the aggressors and will pay heavily for initiated violence and prematurely cutting short the life of another being. Excuses such as 'but I was told to do so' or 'but I'm a soldier' or 'but I'm a police officer' aren't going to be considered. Of course, if violence took place as a form of defense, that's another matter. This word 'defense' is perverted by the elite. By this word I mean protecting yourself when someone initiates a violent action, like someone wants to rape or kill you. I don't consider it 'defense' when someone signs up for killing (becomes a soldier) and then moves on to 'protect' the country. That's an archonic 'defense' that creates needless suffering and sheds blood for the archons to feed on. It's the archons that created boundaries, and it's the archons that want them defended! Can you see how human beings are being played like pawns here? This is done to create low energy for them to feed on. It's a different thing when you don't sign up for murder but someone attacks you out of nowhere and you protect yourself. This doesn't incur karma because you were simply protecting yourself - there's no evil intention behind the action. It's quite another thing to actually sign up for murder and then go and do it. It doesn't matter what the excuse was and how noble it sounds, like 'protecting your country'. Being an aggressor and killing others, taking another life which you have no right to decide when to end, is playing God, and there are consequences for that. Thus, the oppression of the dark forces, the ingenious ways to make us sin, makes the elite into very cruel teachers, but teachers nevertheless. We must learn not to go with common opinions because, at the end of the day, we will be held responsible as individuals for all that we have done, and the excuses that 'it was fashionable in my day' or that 'someone made me do it' or that 'others were doing it or approving of it' won't cut it. It's time to take responsibility for our lives, quit jobs that cause suffering and oppression of others or ourselves, and live in accordance with the laws of the universe."
― Simona Rich, (Sun Behind The Sun: Secret Teachings for Those on the Path)

World Hypnotic Trance State
The Inverted World of the Narcissist

"The governments of the world and the royal elite are not here to take care of you. They are here to kill you. They are not unwittingly trying to kill you. They are deliberately trying to kill you. They are deliberately trying to kill you, but for a reason that eludes even them. Within in the trance state, what seems good and right, and what is justified as sound reasoning and socially acceptable, is absolute insanity when held up to the standard of awareness and wisdom. This site shows how this deliberate, elusive, and unwitting state of confusion drives the elite of the world to serve a master they know little of. -- To mirror, or to do things backwards, or in reverse is a major luciferian illuminati tool. When the hypnotic state is multiplied by many layers of deceit-filled systems, the MATRIX web controls humanity. One of the basic forms of hypnotic suggestion is to show a form, a sound or shape, a word or even a complete written message in reverse. A simple example, LIVE is EVIL, when written in reverse. This is done repeatedly in the 3D existence. When a written or spoken phrase seems to say something caring and kind, it is really a subliminal for just the opposite. It’s all in how thoughts are phrased, the tone, and how condescending it appears. Just listen to any doctor, politician, teacher, lawyer, priest and the like, and it becomes obvious they lie with every breath. In many instances, these professionals don’t even consider it to be lies, but simply manipulation of our reality to conform to the direction they desire our existence to proceed. Indoctrination in intellectual concepts places those willing to be indoctrinated, into an extremely deep trance state, and then implanting those concepts necessary to spread the trance state throughout society. How could you expect anything else? This is what they’ve been trained to do."
― Bryan Kemila
, (illuminatiMATRIX)

"Many people mistake normal persons for narcissists or psychopaths. Many humans these days display psychopathic traits because we are ruled by the psychopathic elite. The elite controls us through the media, and therefore many people have their values and behavior changed as a result of this negative influence. They become more psychopathic due to such influences, though they will never become real psychopaths. I think the reason the elite causes humans to become more psychopathic is so that real psychopaths could more easily blend into the society, and that humanity would no longer be able to tell right from wrong. Real psychopaths can be recognized by their eyes. You may not be able to see anything different about their eyes at first (though that is possible in some too), but if you keep your attention on their eyes, you will eventually see that behind those eyes there is emptiness. Looking at their eyes can be compared to looking at the bottomless abyss. You might even feel your spirit wanting to run away from what it sees in those dead eyes. Their eyes look reptilian – they are as dead as the eye of a lizard. That's, I believe, the most sure way to tell whether a person is a psychopath or not. Another way to tell whether a person is a psychopath is to look for the predatory behavior. All psychopaths, like predators, follow specific predatory steps. For example, a spider will follow a specific way to capture its prey; so will the lion. And so will the psychopath. The psychopaths that I know are territorial. I don't know if it applies to all of them, but this is very likely to be the case. They will hunt for prey as lone wolves and they will have their own particular territories that belong only to them, from what I've observed."
Simona Rich

"Diabolical Narcissism is the cause of the 'Social Justice Warrior' mentality that we're seeing amongst young people and on college campuses. This, insane, crazed dogmatic demand, that, no one ever give anyone any offense, and the willingness at this point in the United States among these young people, and on campuses, to destroy people's lives, I mean they have no problem doing that. Financially destroying people, costing people their jobs. It will eventually pretty soon, and some could argue that we've already crossed this line, that people are going to be imprisoned for 'offending' someone, or 'triggering' someone, and it will eventually go, absolutely no doubt in my mind, that people will be executed, under the jurisdiction of the state, for offending other people. So Diabolical Narcissism is the root cause of all that."
Ann Barnhardt

"It is the considered opinion of Energy Enhancement that more than 75% of the general population has symptoms of Psychopathy, - Thieves, Murderers, Torturers and their Accomplices with the potential to do tremendous damage when given the opportunity! This is not only the one or two percent of real psychopaths, but also the accomplices, the vast majority of people who if ordered to help the guys in charge, DO IT!! And these accomplices are the vast majority of all the people in varying degrees. Scientifically and historically we can see the problem. This is a world problem and is in need of solution. It is not possible for revolution or war to change the above as it plays into the hands of the psychopaths in charge and historically has always made matters worse as the law falls into disarray."
Energy Enhancement

"'Contemporary cultures requires automatons. […] One thing alone is certain, that man's slavery grows and increases. Man is becoming a willing slave. He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to a man. [Gurdjieff, op. cit]"
Special Research Project of the Quantum Future School

"Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom."
― Michael Ellner

"So, your dream is to make it to the very top in Politics, Mass Media, Religion or Big Business? Then forget about studying Political Science, Journalism, Theology and Economics. Study the behaviour of Serial Killers. They'll show you how to be a success in these fields."
― Thomas Sheridan

"Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it."
― John Lennon

"When society turns tyrannical, it's up to the people to counter the lies. The testimony of the persons that have endured the terror be the lifeline of truth."
― Divine Abodes News Room

"The psychopathic system gaslights you, demands its pound of flesh, and then turns around and disowns you."
― Sam Gerrans

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Did God Make Psychopaths or do Psychopaths Make Gods?

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Agents/Angels of Darkness: "There is to find a not uncommon scheme: Relationships and marriages between agents and humans who carry soul parts of angels. At first the light flows between both auras. Satan and Gabriel skim the light and allow themsleves an unburdened life in abundance. Then offsprings are fathered. Thus a linkage of genes develops and it becomes carnal. Now the divine energy flows on hard-wired conductors to the agents and from there to the Satan-and-Gabriel-system. -- Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity, a desire to be more important or attractive to others, failing to give credit due to others. Dante’s definition was 'love of self perverted to hatred and contempt for one’s neighbor'. Pride was what sparked the Fall of Lucifer from Heaven. Vanity and narcissism are good examples of these sins and they often lead to the destruction of the sinner, for instance by the wanton squandering of money and time on themselves without caring about others. -- Narcissists are often envious of others or believe others are envious of them. A narcissist may secure a sense of superiority in the face of another person's ability by using contempt to minimize the other person."ARCHONS. HIDDEN RULERS THROUGH THE AGES: EARTH AS ANGEL-TRAP

Permanent Agents: "Fringe Knowledge for Beginners" ― by Montalk
Chapter 14, The Hyper Dimensional Control System:

Permanent/Manipulated Agents: "There are those among us who are so lacking in soul maturity, so afflicted with an absence of spirit, that they are permanent agents of the Control System. These people tend to lack self-awareness and individuality, fail to show true empathy and compassion, and function as tyrants or leeches in the lives of others. Something higher is missing inside them for they act heartless when revealing their true colors."
― Montalk
, (Fringe Knowledge for Beginners - The Hyper Dimensional Control System: Manipulated Agents)

Negative Hierarchy: "When a higher negative being successfully manipulates your mind and consumes your soul energy, you lose your freewill and become an instrument for that being. You may be used to manipulate others into giving up their freewill as well, and they may then do the same to others; think of how vampires turn their victims into vampires also. In this way, negative beings establish large hierarchies (tiered systems of control) where each level feeds on those below while being fed upon by those above." ― Montalk, (FRINGE KNOWLEDGE FOR BEGINNERS: Higher Negative Forces)

City of Destruction / Worldly Gaslighting: "Many years ago in the realm of Apollyon, past the garden of four rivers, in a region of Abaddon, there stood an old city. Its name in the ancient tongue was Noit Curtsed, but time and speech and a brilliant mind named Lux set upon the more pleasant name of Not Cursed, though the city was indeed cursed with constant decay, leaving the in•habit•ants to labor perpetually."The Pilgrim's Progress (2019)

Beware the Flatterer: "A Jezebelic person is one of the most deceptive and crafty individuals you will ever meet. They operate in Domination, Manipulation and Control. Biblically this is called WITCHCRAFT. Once you confront and or expose a Jezebelic personality, that individual will work to turn everyone you know and everyone they know against you. Portraying as if they are a victim, they draw from people's ignorance, sympathy and pity. In the end, a picture of you is painted that is no where near the truth." ― Kingdom Reign International Ministries

The Seducing Spirit of Jezebel: Have you encountered the "spirit of Jezebel"? - This is the "Spiritual/religious label" given to the psychiatric condition known as "Narcissism" and "malignant Narcissism" (extreme selfishness) in the secular world and named after the first such well described and documented case (in the old testament of the bible), namely Israel's King Ahab's queen, Jezebel, herself a king's daughter, ardent Baal worshipper - a high priestess | (Download the Free PDF eBook: Unmasking the evil embodied within "The Spirit of Jezebel")

The Psychopath Code: "Don't look for serial killers… one in 25 of the people around you is a psychopath, hiding and living a secret life. Psychopaths take what they want, using their charm and wits. They feel only the emotions of a predator. In this book Pieter Hintjens decodes the mystery of the psychopath. Why do such people exist? How do they operate? And most critical of all, can we learn to avoid them, or escape them? The answers will enlighten you. This book delivers practical tools and techniques to survive the most difficult people." ― Pieter Hintjens, (author of; 'The Psychopath Code - Cracking the Predators that Stalk Us') *Read Online for FREE (or Download the Free PDF eBook)

'The Psychopath Code - Cracking the Predators that Stalk Us' ― by Pieter Hintjens

Power-hungry Psychopaths Rule Our World

The Inverted World of Psychopaths - Emotionless Compassionless Conscienceless Heartless Authorities - THEY Look Just Like Us

Psychopaths Rely on Your Silence Ignorance & Obedience

Ruled by Criminals:  Professional Organised Crime - Abuse of Authority - Report Abuse - Stand in Truth - Expose Criminals - End Corruption - Document Everything To Put Real Psychopaths In Prison

"Narcissists Change the Rules of Your Relationship To Suit Themselves" ― by Annie, (Gentlekindness Coaching)

Psychopathic Legalist Commandments - Obey The Rules: Narcissists Change the Rules of Your Relationship To Suit Themselves  |  'Commandments cannot give you what you seek, Christian. It will only be a reminder, that you are not able to keep them all. Legality can never rid you of your burden you know. -- When legality comes toppling down, we are catapulted to the way. The way that ah... you left off following.' ― Evangelist [John Rhys-Davies] in The Pilgrim's Progress (2019)

Gnostic / Gnosis: "God gave many commandments and from them came so many rules. Christ gives only one commandment: love thy brother and thy sister as thy self. You see if we all do this we are not in need of any other rules. Christ and god are not as one. As a matter of fact Christ came here around two thousand years ago to get rid of him." ― Mark Cordova, (The Secret and the Truth of the Ages)

Hyper-religious / Legalistic: "Do they love God and truth, or are they only hyper-religious and legalistic? That's another thing. Does a person have love in their heart, like do they care? -- Does their ideas about god and faith, is it about... really loving people and being compassionate and being helpful? Or is it all about... hyper-religious, and laws and rules and... a rigid kind of thinking, of they get so caught up in... rules and regulations and... cutting people off" ― Deborah Waters, Niches of Narcissism, (33 Questions You MUST Start Asking To Screen For Narcissists)

Ruling / Con•trolling: "Workplace Mobbing is engineered to cause offense and distress to a targeted individual or targeted group: 'Mobbing causes prejudice, withholds information in order for you not to complete your job, isolates you physically and socially, holds meetings about your work without your presence, changes rules frequently, portrays the victimized person as being at fault, engineered to discredit, confuse, intimidate, and force the person into submission, and committed with the intent to force the person out.' (Davenport, Schwartz, and Elliott. 1999, 41-44)." ― ExposeAustinTexas, (Workplace Mobbing, Institutional Racism, Gang Stalking, Personality Disorders, and Malfeasance.)

Ruling Opportunists: "The defining factor with every narcissist is a complete disconnect from conscience resulting in a total lack of empathy. Narcissists cannot feel remorse; instead, they receive pleasure from hurting others. Those who have empathy cannot possibly be a narcissist. -- Narcissists have only the cruelest intentions and typically place themselves in positions of power; lawyer, doctor, government, clergy, administration, CEO, business owner so they can exercise their superiority over others and the abuse of power can begin. Some victims become completely dependent on the narcissist for their survival. Narcissists use this to their advantage as they manipulate everyone, fooling even those closest to them, while their ulterior motives go undetected. They feed their victim a stream of lies and expect it to be embraced as reality; the victim mixes the narcissist's lies with their own reality. A stream of false accusations is presented, which wears down the victim over time and sparks some intense emotional reactions. Victims are left trying to make sense of it all while they are constantly on guard, trying to defend something that doesn't exist. The narcissist wants the victim to appear crazy and unstable and will use their emotional outburst to back up this claim." — 'The Gaslighting Effect: A Revealing Look at Psychological Manipulation and Narcissistic Abuse' — by Reva Steenbergen, (This book is dedicated to victims of abuse who didn't make it out alive. May their voices echo through the pages of this book.)

"If somebody has no legal obligation to you but only a moral obligation to you, in business, they will treat you badly. And the reason they will treat you badly, is to assuage their guilt, they need to demonize you, and turn you into something that is less than human." ― Richard Grannon, (The Zombie Witchdoctors of Narcissistic Abuse)

"This is the only page to gets to the truth of what narcissists really are which is soulless portals for interdimentional energy vampires. The whole system is set up to protect them." ― Sonya Keville, (Exposing Energy Vampires - Dehumanization: A Narcissist's Ultimate Manipulation Tool)

"The most reliable sign, the most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness. It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy." ― Martha Stout, Ph.D., (author of 'Outsmarting the Sociopath Next Door: How to Protect Yourself Against a Ruthless Manipulator')

"They have chosen their path and like psychopaths view love and acceptance by others as vulnerabilities to exploit. Anyone who has personally experienced how psychopaths operate knows that they abuse kindness rather than respect it, and this scales up to the psychopaths comprising the human elite controllers and negative alien factions." ― Montalk, (Discerning Alien Disinformation: PART IV - Elements of the Core Deception: 12. Glorifying the alien image and appealing to sympathy)

"The most guarded secrets behind the aliens, New World Order agenda and the parasitic Archontic game plan revolves around the combination of satanic psychic vampirism and high technology. This high technology has also been referred to as black meta-technology because it combines elements of ritual black magic, nano technology, mind control; genetic manipulation and alien implant technology. Truly a soul oppressing combination and in my view, a great threat to humanity. Unless, of course, we wake up and start taking responsibility for our own freedom." ― Project Avalon, various authors, (Horus-Ra as the Archontic Alien Parasite: Alien interferences by Dr Malanga)

"I believe many hosted people are considered to suffer from psychiatric diseases like personality disorders, (Like narcissistic, sociopath-EL) psychotic behavior even the problems have different etiology than in normal F-code (DSM) diagnosis. In my opinion the hosting occurs within the orchestrated relationships." — Maarit, (Alien Love Bite / Reptilian Hosting: The Alien Possession of a Human)

"...the entire persona of the NPD is a big lie. That being so, I have come to believe that NPD is not a psychological disorder at all, but a moral and spiritual disorder. -- Philosopher René Descartes wrote that 'willful deception evinces maliciousness and weakness.' A person does not deceive without thinking about and willing it. One does not lie unless one intends to hide the truth, which means that one knows that one is being deceptive. Nor can the NPD put together and maintain the elaborate and intricate NPD syndrome of attributes (e.g., using others for self-aggrandisement, attractive social mask, secrecy, evasion, lying, scapegoating, etc.) without conscious effort. -- The malignant narcissist is more than immoral, she/he is evil." ― Dr. Maria Hsia Chang, Professor, (Pathological Narcissism - A Spiritual Disorder)

"When we dissect the cardinal sins, we will discover that these creatures are nothing but Satanists divided into obfuscated categories by immoral psychiatrists. -- There is no difference between a psychopath, and a narcissist. Only an immoral & atheistic psychiatric doctrine could ever come up with so much as a trivialization to what is going on. -- So what makes a narcissist not a sociopath? Minute differentiations in arbitrary crimes, made legal by generic meaningless details. -- There is absolutely no difference between a narcissist & a sociopath whatsoever, except that a sociopathic diagnosis is required they destroy people using some methods that a narcissist may not." ― Brian Bryant

"Many people believe they're immune from the effects of narcissistic abuse…until they get fired from their job, their pet is harmed or killed, they have a psychotic breakdown, or their child commits suicide due to constant verbal assaults and being made to feel unworthy." ― Kim Saeed, (The Chaos Theory of Narcissistic Abuse)

"The narcissist is always trying to weasel their way into your head because once they've snuck-in they can control you. They gaslight routinely. They plant destructive messages and evil seeds of doubt. They belittle, criticize, embarrass and flatter. A confused, off-balance and insecure victim is easier to manipulate. Don't let the narcissist snack on you mentally. If you give them a taste, they will devour you whole. Malignant narcissists are mental predators who carefully study their prey. They are always watching and listening to you. They badger, bait and trap you. Don't let out information they can use to exploit you. Don't let in information they can use to control and manipulate you. Hone that mental filter because the narcissist NEVER means well. And you can count on this: once you let them into your head, they will never leave. They're like mental tapeworms. -- And the narcissist snake slithers in and out and around your headspace. The narcissist gaslights, humiliates and pokes at you in an effort to break you down so that you will confide in her. She salivates at the thought of obtaining more information to use against you. -- The narcissist would never consider themselves irritating. No, never. They're perfect. And once again, our natural reaction to their skeezy personality means that we have a problem. It's the gaslighting portion of their mental terrorism. As an ACoN (Adult Child of Narcissists) I'm done with intruders violating my headspace. It took me decades to exorcise the destructive messages that the narcissists dumped into my mind. I think that's why I am so adamantly opposed to analytic therapy for victims of narcissistic abuse. I came across two malignant narcissists in my search for answers and they tried to trash my mind. Just like all the other narcissists, they were warped weirdos, gaslighters and projection machines who were terrified of creative thinkers. What the hell gives them the right to enter my headspace?! The 'Dr.' before their names?! Fuck that! A predator is a predator. A con job is a con job. The so-called mental health profession is a PROFIT making enterprise and don't ever forget it. The bad ones are no better than the shady auto-mechanic who you take your car into, to fix a certain problem. The mechanic lifts the hood and tinkers around and creates another problem." ― Posted by Lisette - needing2know, (NEVER LET A NARCISSIST IN YOUR HEAD!!)

"The NAA can be best understood as a Psychopathic or Sociopathic personality or identity profile with a Lack of Empathy that has no feelings of remorse and no caring towards human beings. They regard human beings as inferior, stupid and many times use forms of mockery to create intentional harm for their own amusement. -- To be able to understand the sociopathic sick mind of Archontic Deception systems, one would need to better understand the general attitude of an AD infected human or nonhuman (NAA) as having little to no remorse or empathy. -- The NAA and their minions of soulless AI infected synthetic beings do not have the bio-circuitry for empathy. We are in essence, in a struggle between human EMPATHS, and alien hybridized humans and extra-dimensional aliens that are NON-EMPATHS." ― Lisa Renee, (NAA - Negative Alien Agenda or Negative Aliens Archon Group: Archontic Deception infected Human or Nonhuman)

"We are disconnected from life through repeated traumas and abuse which create split personalities that develop defense mechanisms and perversions to cope. The rampant defense mechanism caused from soul-heart damage is ego Narcissism. Dissociative behaviors cultivate sociopaths and psychopaths, many of which replicate feelings of expression because they can no longer feel from spiritual disconnection. This weakness allows for easy satanic binding and manipulation. There is no care about life, causing pain and killing is done with methodical delight or heartless efficiency." — Lisa Renee, (What are Spiritually Abusive Behaviors aka Archontic Deception (AD) Behaviors?)

"Soul Disconnected people behave in a similar manner to artificial intelligence robots, as they are shaped by mass media to make decisions based on survival and selfish desires, with no authentic thoughts or emotional states of their own making. Disconnection conveniently pushes forward the basic agenda of Psychology to be very effective in furthering the Transhumanism agenda. Today, if people are unhappy and disconnected from their mind and soul, they are given a pharmaceutical drug to take control over their bio-neurological system functioning, which leads to lifelong pharmaceutical dependencies and addictions. Administering synthetic drugs to impair bio-neurological functioning of the brain further impairs and damages the Soul body, making it nearly impossible for a person to experience Soul embodiment or perceive the nature of their Soul. -- Medical professionals and patients are indoctrinated to commit and accept the abuse of their fellow human being as appropriate, while stripping them of their human dignity, choice and wellbeing, all in the name of health care. The obvious motivation is that this greatly weakens and confuses many human beings, making them vulnerable to every kind of deception and dark manipulation. This leads to easy forms of mind control, social conditioning to accept anti-human behavior, taking mind altering pharmaceuticals, believing that a pill will cure problems, serious suffering while in disease states, and finally dark force possession." — Lisa Renee, (Anti-Soul Agenda)

"As an ex-Christian, I've witnessed how people of the Christian faith are already perfectly brainwashed for the coming new world rule. They want to destroy and discredit anyone who no longer believes as they do. That's exactly how archons want humans to behave – to be deadened to the conscience and do what some book tells them to, or to protect a cherished belief with violence. Now such destruction of ex-believers is done with word only, but this is only a step behind taking a violent action. And we know that Christians can murder as well, as witch-burning is a witness to that. When their awaited messiah comes, Christians will blindly follow his orders. And he will surely order to murder non-believers. Christians will gladly follow this order, thinking that a great reward awaits them for killing other human beings. The same will be done by Muslims and Hindus – huge carnage will be the result, with all terrible karma going to the ignorant humans and not the archons who simply move their human chess-pieces. Thus, archons won't even need to smear their own hands with blood – blind order-followers will do all their dirty work. Archons, being mere creatures, are bound by the same law of the universe as we are. Which means that they incur karma as much as we do. To avoid incurring heavier karma, they will order to do their dirty work for others. So blind humans who will carry out their orders will experience hell-worlds for such violence, but those evil creatures will experience less severe punishment because they didn't do the actual violence and thus they did not directly destroy life." ― Simona Rich, [HOW ARCHONS (REPTILIANS) USE RELIGIONS AND CONCEPTS TO ESTABLISH NWO]

"The days when people targeted by psychopaths were declared as 'unstable', 'hysterical' and 'over-acting' to the treatment they endured is coming to an end. They can no longer be silenced by being told "it was just a relationship that didn't work out - get over it!" They are refusing to be gaslighted by psychiatrists who - like the Inner Party member O'Brien from George Orwell's 1984 - inform the targets that they are the ones who need to be made sane - for a one thousand dollar consultation fee and some brain-dissolving chemicals, of course. Ordinary people who have been put through this experience have had enough. They are speaking out, writing books and creating blogs."Thomas Sheridan, (Author of 'DEFEATED DEMONS: Freedom from consciousness parasites in psychopathic society')

" the very bottom, is what I call the pseudoscience of psychiatry, which I also in private call 'weaponized blah blah'. And when you read these so called psychiatric statements, they're like essays written by a dumb child. It's just like, oh this is you know, 'let me tell you the little pro story I thought of when I met this person'. You know, it's ridiculous, they don't have any scientific standards, no calibration, no objectivity, it's just a story somebody thought up. Now, in science this has zero value. The way that I'm going to counter that, is, this is why I'm always looking for scientific evidence, it might look ridiculous, you know, when I put metal on, or when it's causing audio, you know, you can hear the shots, when you can see it make a dent, now that's proof. And no psychiatrist can ever explain it away. -- ...and also, it's not that rosy in their club either, because they also have their lives regulated. So actually, you know the top of the pyramid on the one dollar bill is actually just part of the structure. The real structure is the obelisk, and under the tip, you have the stem of the obelisk and then you've got the base, you know. We are in the base, and then the entire stem, that is the members of this crime cartel, but who are tightly organised, because a lot of them are psychopaths and thugs, you know." ― Dr. Katherine Horton, Particle Physicist, Former CERN Employee, (MIND BLOWING UPDATE - Dr Katherine Horton Targeted Individual Returns To #VLTV)

Opportunists: "psychiatry is 'largely racketeering, a neo-scientific cultism' ― Robert S Garber, MD"

The Sadist: "Narcissists Enjoy Observing The Pain They Create" ― by Battle Born Again


Dangerous Personalities: "What makes a narcissist go from self-involved to terrifying?" ― by FBI profiler, Joe Navarro

"Dehumanization: A Narcissist's Ultimate Manipulation Tool" — by Ethan Ray

Hexed: "The Narcissist's 'Final Frontier' Is Being Your Overlord. What's Yours?" ― by Scott Bassett

Cowardly: "Do narcissists really think they're fooling people?" ― Answered by Grace Spark

Primeval Parasite / Intraspecific Parasite: "Narcissists Are Looking For a Host not a Partner" ― by Battle Born Again

Archontic/Parasitic 'Mind Virus' Infected: "The Narcissist Will Infect Everyone You Know" ― by Narc Survivor

Descendants of Lux / Super•visors / Permanent Agents: "Are Narcissists Human" ― by Kim Wilson

Narcissists are Daemons: "Emotions make us human. Denying them makes us beasts." ― Victoria Klein

What Makes Narcissists Tick: "I call narcissists 'projection machines'."Kathy Krajco

Spiritual Rapists: "Narcissism And The Occult With Ann Barnhardt" ― by Kim Wilson TV

'Soul Snatching' Death Cult•ure: "Narcissistic Scapegoating: Important stuff to know" ― by Battle Born Again

Gaslighting Confusion: "How Does The Narcissist Make You Feel? (Besides Crazy)" ― by Deborah Waters

WICKED is GOOD?: "The Inverted World of the Narcissist" ― by Battle Born Again

Bait and 𝒮witch Attack: "The narcissist's sick twisted mind will take the effect and make it the cause." ― Peter Leyshan

Safety First: "Some people actually committed suicide or were killed by the narcissist" ― Dr. Carmen Bryant

Protect Yourself: from "Energy Vampires (Narcissists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths)" ― by Giovanna Silvestre

Narcissists and Cluster B "personality types", are a Danger to Public Health and Safety!

Newspeak: "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." ― Voltaire

Inverted World Self-defence: "I didn't play by the rules, but there never were any rules." ― Casey [Jesse Eisenberg] in The Art of Self-Defense (2019)

Sick Twisted Mind Games: "Life is a Game for the Narcissist" ― by Sun Lion

Authoritarian Liar-archy: "Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away." ― Elvis Presley

People of the Lie: "Truth is not what you want it to be. It is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie." ― Miyomato Musashi, 宮本武蔵

"Responsibility, that's what gives life meaning." ― Dr Jordan B Peterson, psychology professor

Peter Leyshan - Whist Echo, (SOüL)

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